ADC Conversion Bodies

ADC Conversion Bodies

These bodies are made to fit the ADC Die-cast dirt late models and modifieds.  They do not fit the Action diecast or any other diecast cars, nor do they fit any of the CustomDirtcars chassis.  These bodies are specifically made for the ADC cars.  These bodies are 3d printed on demand when you place an order, so please allow up to 4-5 weeks for delivery.

In order to finish the bodies you will need to glue with JB Weld 5 Minute Epoxy for plastics or a similar adhesive.  3d printed parts in this material have a rough surface finish that must be primed with a fillerprimer, or coated with XTC Coating for 3d printed parts.  If time is taken, you can achieve a smooth finish just as you would with any other material, however, the finish will depend on the amount of prep work you do prior to painting.

The modified bodies are temporarily unavailable while I make some changes to the design to make them more user friendly as well as a higher quality print.  Look her for the modifieds to make a return soon.

Thanks for giving my diecast bodies a try!

Dwight Carter

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